Drama In The OC FTBA Lenka Koloma

Drama In The OC Part Three – Investigating the Origins of the Facemask Exemption Alert From the DOJ.

Lenka Koloma, the reported founder of the FTBA (Freedom to Breath Agency – and origin of the fraudulent cards) has claimed through her social media posts that she is medically unable to breath with a facemask. Other claims by Lenka tell a different story.

Lenka Koloma says she was raised in the Czech Republic. When she was young, she regularly spent time with doctors and was prescribed medication. After reaching a breaking point, she was not able to function. Determined to take her health into her own hands, she says she designed a “protocol” that now has helped thousands to heal themselves of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, cancer and many other serious health conditions.

Lenka explained, that because of her research, she had dramatic changes in her brain and how she viewed the world. Through quantum physics and neuroscience, she realized the power of the mind. “…our brains are like a large super computer through which we can control”…… “the reality we experience”. After a near death experience, “she connected with the power of her higher intelligence and healed an incurable, life threatening condition, producing a healing miracle in just short seven days despite her doctors telling her she will die.”

It remains unclear what medical illness Koloma was not able to overcome, with the power of the mind, that prevents her from wearing a facemask.This page has learned that Lenka was not “the founder” of the FTBA. She appears to be “a co-founder” of the organization.

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