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ADA Case Pletcher V. Giant Eagle – Plaintiffs Want Unmasked Accommodations to Access Private Businesses

👉This page is following an ADA legal action filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Pletcher V. Giant Eagle, Inc.

This case represents the very reason it is necessary to shine a spotlight on fraudulent disability exemptions.

Although this case consolidates many plaintiffs into one case, this post focuses on the claims made by Debbie Vidovich of Sewickley Pennsylvania. (Also see last weeks post about Josiah Kostek)

🧕Debbie claims she “received” a medical facemask exemption (no mention as to who gave her this “exemption”). The complaint explains, Debbie “has several health conditions that substantially affect her major life activity of breathing and her respiratory and immune systems.”

On 📋April 23, she attempted a maskless entry of a store (Giant Eagle), claiming she had received a medical exemption. The store called the police and reported her for trespassing.

On 📋May 1st, she attempted another maskless entry at a different location. This time she complied when asked to wear a mask. Before leaving the store, she claims she became short of breath and passed out in the checkout line. (no mention of emergency response). She claims the mask caused dizziness, headaches, back and leg pain and a burning sensation in her lungs for days thereafter. (no mention of where she got the mask that allegedly gave her all these problems).

👉Debbie claims all the following injuries:

  • 🤕 Blunt force trauma to the head, neck and body;
  • 🥵 Hypertension;
  • 🤯 Headaches;
  • 🤭Shortness of breath;
  • 😴Fainting;
  • 🤮Gastritis;
  • 🤢Esophageal spasm and inflammation;
  • 🥺Exacerbation of her underlying health issues;
  • 😔Depression; and
  • 😬Anxiety.

Per the complaint, the store’s policy to protect its customers and employees is a problem because Plaintiffs believe the store is playing 🤦‍♀️politics – and has no health concerns.

⭐️Giant Eagle Policy

“Moving forward until further notice in order to shop our store (or any other Giant Eagle location) you must be wearing a mask. There will be no exceptions regardless of any reason or medical condition. We thank you for your compliance and understanding.”

Giant Eagle

👩‍⚖️They want a jury trial…..and an injunction to stop the stores mask policy….welp, good luck with that.

Information regarding cases filed in federal court are accessible to the public via Pacer

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