Drama In The OC Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) followers to expose identities – some linked to harassment of essential workers

Very, Very good news about 👉Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American – who teaches people how to feign a disability). As a result of Peggy’s failed letter writing campaign, she is now teaching people how to file individual legal actions against stores like Sprouts. Sprouts, for example, has a strict “real policy” about masks.

😀But why is this good news – you ask? Well, we are going to tell you.

Many employees and customers of private businesses are confronted by maskless shoppers. Employees and shoppers are reporting intimidation techniques, threats, and unwanted or forced exposure to these individuals. These encounters can and have resulted in post-traumatic issues including anxiety. The list of the negative impacts is long. These encounters cause many persons harm even if the maskless shopper remains calm. After all, a virus doesn’t care how calm you are.

But now, thanks to Peggy, all of the employees and shoppers who are having these negative experiences have an opportunity to 👉identify the individuals responsible. They are going to expose their identities, the date, and the location of these harmful incidents in their public legal filings. Hooray. Now you have the information you need to file suit against them.

This page previously reported on initial steps to take when confronted by these maskless shoppers – and how to get free legal help. You can also monitor legal filings in your area so you can check and see if the person who caused you harm is identified. Check back for more posts on this.

Remember, (as we previously reported) document the incident with your employer. You can also make a police report at ANY time if your felt afraid of this person for ANY reason (retain the report number).

  • Fear of a virus is completely reasonable during a pandemic.
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