Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall – What She Really Believes About Your Health

The Wall Street Journal quote from Peggy Hall👉“The beautiful thing about our country is freedom does come first, and 👉public health comes a distant, distant second, third, fourth, maybe 20th,” said 👉Peggy Hall, an Orange County resident who has decried face mask requirements there and elsewhere.”

Follow this page to see how 👺Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) is:

  • * Believed by many – is activity working to slow reopening
  • * Known to teach persons how to feign a disability
  • * Linked to the harassment of front-line essential workers
  • * Asking people to engage in personal legal actions against stores that will not let her maskless shop.
  • * Quoted as saying that masks are “demonic devices”.
  • * Sells bogus religious exemption cards
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