FTBA Lenka Koloma

Someone Created A Spoof Website Mocking The Fraudulent ADA Cards That The DOJ Warned About – And It’s Genius!

Someone created a spoof site of the FTBA website (aka Freedom to Breath). And it’s genius! You can read more about Lenka Koloma, one of the founders of the FTBA at this site.

The FTBAA (Freedom To Be An Asshole Agency) is complete with:

  • Resources;
  • Your Tools;
  • Get Involved;
  • Science;
  • Products;
  • Investor relations;
  • Guest Book;
  • Press

The site features articles by “Og Chazzington, Science Colonel”

You can Purchase A-hole Gear

You can print a card telling people you are an A-hole

And get Resources like this.

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