Free Legal Germ Assault

Another Perpetrator of Germ Assault By Maskless Shopper – Watch How She Invades The Personal Space Of Workers And Customers

Maskless shopper creates more victims of 👉Germ Assault. This perpetrator forces herself upon other shoppers while claiming – there is no virus. This behavior is likened to forcing unwilling participants into a game of Russian Roulette – not knowing if her germ gun is loaded. This dangerous game has been linked to Post Traumatic Stress.

If you are a victim of this kind of assault, immediately inform your employer and document the incident. If a maskless person invades your personal space by violating recommended distancing or enters a private business in violation of policy, remember you have rights. If you experience a long lasting emotional consequence, you deserve justice.

If you need legal assistance, contact a qualified attorney. You can read about free legal services here.

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