Drama In The OC Peggy Hall UPL

Business in Danger YouTube Video Posted by Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

WARNING TO BUSINESS OWNERS Restaurant in danger of losing its liquor license. Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) posts picture eating there without a mask.

Recently, notorious anti-masker Peggy, who is not a lawyer but gives legal advice to anti-maskers, posted a picture of herself eating maskless at Basicilico’s in Hunting Beach California. She followed that with a video posted to YouTube. “Make Restaurants Great Again.”

The restaurant is in danger of losing its liquor license.

Peggy has encouraged business owners to defy health mandates falsely and recklessly claiming they are not legal.

Peggy has turned her anti-mask 👉unqualified legal advice into a business creating nationwide networks to encourage people to harass employees of businesses who wish to protect workers and customers.

Be warned: Businesses and persons across the nation that associate themselves with the likes of Peggy Hall can expect more scrutiny of their behavior and practices.

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