BOS Drama In The OC Germ Assault Peggy Hall

Drama in the OC – BOS Member Don Wagner Calls on Residents to Defy safety measures. Peggy Hall Goes Viral Meeting that Call in a Racist Rant.

In the latest episode of Drama In The OC, notorious anti-masker Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American), films herself harassing a small business owner who had enough of her maskless harassment.

Carrying a handful of fake legal documents, Peggy tries to intimidate the business owner by calling him oxygen deprived, unable to think, and falsely accuses him of not being from this country. This harassing hate crime will undoubtedly be praised by many like minded OC residents as outed by this La Times article How Huntington Beach Became Angry Town USA.

Peggy Hall, a yoga instructor, and a self proclaimed “legal expert”, is ironically listed as a AESL teacher on the Saddleback College Website. Saddleback has not responded to questions regarding her racist attack.

During the December 8, 2020 Orange County California Board of Supervisor meeting, Supervisor Don Wagner signaled to Orange County Residents to defy safety orders. Supervisor Wagner, an advocate of pseudoscience anti vaccine herd immunity (ie sacrifice the vulnerable), has not responded to previous requests for comment.

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