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Maskless Amber Lynn Gilles A Reported Queen of Karens Along with Her Attorney Michael Harrington Law PC File Humorous Lawsuit

Amber Lynn Gilles, a notorious San Diego anti-masker who appears to enjoy harassing businesses about masks and posting it on her PUBLIC Facebook Page (I know because I saw more than one there) is angry about a GoFundMe that netted one of her victims over $100,000.

According to Amber’s lawsuit,

On June 22, 2020, a stranger named Matthew Cowan copied and pasted Plaintiff’s post for her personal Facebook page and created a GoFundMe post to raise money for the barista in question.”  

Amber’s lawsuit suggests that Mr. Cowan, who also owns a media firm, profited off of her likeness because he copied a post from her Facebook page to use in the GoFundMe.  The “theory” alleged by the plaintiff (Amber) is Mr. Cowan’s media firm benefited when he received national media attention through various outlets.

By June 2020, Corona virus and the harassment of essential workers by maskless shoppers was of national concern.  Hundreds if not thousands of videos and other reporting of the maskless attempting to harm workers were broadcast across all media platforms – Including Amber Lynn Gilles Public Facebook page.  People were outraged.

In Southern California, there was a rash of anti-government maskless groups banning together harassing people.  This included Amber Lynn Gilles,  Peggy Hall (the Healthy American fake religious exemption cards), Lenka Koloma (FBTA fake exemption cards), Jeffrey Barke (gun toting doctor), Russ Taylor (Oath Keepers), Alan Hostetter (American Phoenix Project) and many others.    The behavior of these people is well known public information and continues to be of national concern.  Many of these same people have been targeted by the FBI for the January 6, terrorist attack at the capital.

In relation to Amber and the harassment of workers, she continues to brag about her behavior to this day.  She has not been harmed.

With respect to the humorous contentions in the lawsuit:

  • It was clearly Amber’s own behavior that drew national attention  
  • Arguably, her likeness is of no value – it was her behavior that inspired outrage
  • The behavior in which Amber indulged, was of national concern
  • Reporting on information/news of national concern including the use of a public Facebook post is not actionable

 She deserves nothing!  The lawsuit is frivolous AND as to the law firm…..really?

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