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Drama in the OC – BOS Member Don Wagner Calls on Residents to Defy safety measures. Peggy Hall Goes Viral Meeting that Call in a Racist Rant.

In the latest episode of Drama In The OC, notorious anti-masker Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American), films herself harassing a small business owner who had enough of her maskless harassment. Carrying a handful of fake legal documents, Peggy tries to intimidate the business owner by calling him oxygen deprived, unable to think, and falsely accuses […]

ThanksGiving morning, Ticket Holders of a FOR PROFIT #superspreader learned where to report: Crown Valley Park in the City of Laguna Niguel.

ThanksGiving morning, Ticket Holders of a FOR PROFIT #superspreader event learned where to report: Crown Valley Park in the City of Laguna Niguel.         The low-end event, hosted by anti-masker Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) served a forgettable Thanksgiving meal to dozens of maskless attendees.    Peggy also spoke at the event.  Friday, angry Orange County […]

Drama In The OC -Peggy Hall Followers go Viral for Harassing Business

Frapys Frozen Yogurt in Mission Viejo California experienced a Germ Assault by two followers of notorious anti-masker Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) on Saturday. Not only did they threaten the business, they came back with laughably FAKE, poorly written “legal” documents for the business owner to sign. These documents were pulled from Peggy Hall’s website. […]

Business in Danger YouTube Video Posted by Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

WARNING TO BUSINESS OWNERS Restaurant in danger of losing its liquor license. Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) posts picture eating there without a mask. Recently, notorious anti-masker Peggy, who is not a lawyer but gives legal advice to anti-maskers, posted a picture of herself eating maskless at Basicilico’s in Hunting Beach California. She followed that […]

Connecting The Dots – Untangling The Web – Fake Exemptions – What We Know

We started out with a goal of understanding the following: Who was behind the fraudulent ADA exemption cards Why persons responsible are not yet prosecuted considering: The impersonation of a government office- namely the US Department of Justice, DOJ is led by the nations top law enforcement official, Perpetrators created and SOLD fraudulent exemptions using […]

Lions and Tigers and Maskless, Oh My! – Ask Your Employer to File A Workplace Violence Restraining Order Against Peggy Hall and Her Co-Conspirators

PEGGY HALL (aka Healthy American) Recently, it is reported that Orange County California resident Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) impersonated a Health Official to maskless shop.  Per her video confession posted on social media, she is flippant and shows no fear of possible consequences for this activity.   Peggy also sells fraudulent “religious” exemption cards and […]

Drama In The OC – Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) Impersonates Health Official To Maskless Shop – Spreading Misinformation Allegedly From The Health Department

Orange County California – the epicenter of fraudulent ADA claims and home of 👉Peggy Hall, teacher of how to abuse the ADA and feign a disability, is now teaching people how to 👉impersonate health officials. And y’all, she thinks its funny. “I said no I can’t wear one…. “I said look, I work for the […]

Drama In The OC – Maskless Peggy Hall, Jeff Barke Interview Inspires Hoag Hospital to Distance Itself from “Radical” Views – OC BOS link to Nationwide Harassment

If you follow this campaign, you already know that we have identified Orange County California as the epicenter of the fraudulent facemask exemption scam that continues to harm Americans. Peggy Hall, who teaches persons how to abuse the ADA and feign a disability, interviewed OC doctor Jeff Barke about facemasks. Barke, a known anti-masker with […]

File A Civil Harassment Restraining Order Against Maskless Perpetrators of Germ Assault – Peggy Hall (aka Followers of Healthy American) – Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA)

Germ Assault causing PTS and other emotional issues Maskless perpetrators Peggy Hall and Lenka Koloma, both from Orange County California actively engage in and promote maskless shopping. Lenka is filmed committing multiple GERM ASSAULTS on vulnerable essential workers. Peggy Hall Peggy Hall makes videos teaching persons how to feign a disability. She is currently encouraging […]

Another Perpetrator of Germ Assault By Maskless Shopper – Watch How She Invades The Personal Space Of Workers And Customers

Maskless shopper creates more victims of 👉Germ Assault. This perpetrator forces herself upon other shoppers while claiming – there is no virus. This behavior is likened to forcing unwilling participants into a game of Russian Roulette – not knowing if her germ gun is loaded. This dangerous game has been linked to Post Traumatic Stress. […]

Essential Workers – Finding A Voice Against Unwanted Germ Assaults – Perpetrated By Maskless Shoppers

Front line essential workers are realizing they have rights to protect themselves against bogus exemptions. They are now considering their legal options to sue the perpetrators – known as maskless shoppers – who force themselves (sometimes violently) on vulnerable workers. These unwanted germ assaults are causing post traumatic stress and affecting everyday lives of American […]

Drama in the OC – As Persons Behind Bogus Exemptions Are Increasingly Linked to OC Leaders – Now This Fake PHD Scandal Looms

Since Clayton Chau was first appointed as public health director for Orange County, there have been swirling questions about whether he’s qualified to be the top medical doctor protecting the health of the county’s 3 million residents during the coronavirus pandemic. Chau is overseeing the county’s billion-dollar Health Care Agency while also taking on the […]

Harassment of Workers Continue With This Claim of a “Medical” Exemption

Amber Lynn of Ocean Side California drove back to Starbucks just to record this encounter. She appears to present some sort of paper “exemption” while screaming at workers. Ut-Oh, she’s going to sue them with the $5,000 donated to her..(Whaaaaa. She’s going to need a bit more than that) A-n-y-way, she continues to yell, “Whats […]

OC Community Leaders Linked to Harassment of Workers Around the Country

We have continually reported that Orange County California is the epicenter of the bogus exemptions harming Americans. See below how those exemptions are also connected to local OC leaders. Regardless of what state you live, OC community leaders are linked to your harassment. Thanks, no thanks to Orange County California for enabling this behavior toward […]

Front Line Essential Workers – Harassed By Followers Of Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) – Free Legal Aid

If you are an essential worker and maskless Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American), or Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) have inspired someone to harass or intimidate you, read on. Peggy Hall has recommended in various public posts that individuals give essential workers documents to read. Some documents are believed to contain threats of lawsuits against vulnerable […]

California Supreme Court Rejects OC Board of Education’s Petition to Open Schools -OCBE Squandering Taxpayer Dollars

As you might recall, Orange County Board of Education had previously voted to open schools with NO safety measures. The OCBE filed suit against California Governor Gavin Newsom to force reopening. We’ve been following this case. Yesterday we received this email from the court indicating the court denied the petition. Many believe the case is […]

Peggy Hall – What She Really Believes About Your Health

The Wall Street Journal quote from Peggy Hall“The beautiful thing about our country is freedom does come first, and public health comes a distant, distant second, third, fourth, maybe 20th,” said Peggy Hall, an Orange County resident who has decried face mask requirements there and elsewhere.” Follow this page to see how Peggy Hall (aka […]

Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) followers to expose identities – some linked to harassment of essential workers

Very, Very good news about Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American – who teaches people how to feign a disability). As a result of Peggy’s failed letter writing campaign, she is now teaching people how to file individual legal actions against stores like Sprouts. Sprouts, for example, has a strict “real policy” about masks. But why […]

Fraudulent ADA Claims, Harassment Inspired By OC Residents Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

Fraudulent ADA claims inspired by Orange County California residents Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) continue to create hostile work environments for front line essential workers. Many want to know – When will government finally act to hold them accountable for inciting this violence towards workers? This lady actually commits a […]

Get Your Legal Advice From Social Media – Go To Jail – ADA facemask case Pletcher V. Giant Eagle, Inc.

This page is following an ADA (facemask) legal action filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Pletcher V. Giant Eagle, Inc. This case represents the very reason it is necessary to shine a spotlight on fraudulent disability exemptions. Although this case consolidates many plaintiffs into one case, we are currently focusing on the claims made […]

Drama In The OC – Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

Maskless Orange County California community activist Peggy Hall’s Facebook page was marked private today following a controversial post. Peggy’s activism and tagline “Standing for Truth and Freedom”, has drawn attention. Her Facebook page has more than fourteen thousand followers. Peggy says she enjoys get-togethers where she can “dive deeper to uncover what is really beneath […]

Fake Exemptions Abound

The United States has Lenka Koloma and Fred DiDomenico (aka FTBA aka Freedom to Breath) to blame for harassment toward essential workers.

Sign The Petition

It has been widely reported that persons across the United States are attempting to improperly use the ADA, legal or religious grounds to justify their anti-facemask cause. Often times they encourage the use of bogus facemask “Exemption Cards” to obtain unmasked access to private businesses. These attempts to skirt public health mandates by cruelly exploiting […]

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We are deeply concerned about the damage caused by these fraudulent disability claims. Won’t you please help stop the abuse.

Specifically, this campaign addresses the fraudulent and cruel exploitation of the disabled that takes place when persons without a disability “fake it” to gain unmasked access to businesses.  Would you create, sell, promote or use bogus handicap parking stickers or placards to gain access to more desirable parking?

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