BOS Drama In The OC

Drama in the OC – As Persons Behind Bogus Exemptions Are Increasingly Linked to OC Leaders – Now This Fake PHD Scandal Looms

Since Clayton Chau was first appointed as public health director for Orange County, there have been swirling questions about whether he’s qualified to be the top medical doctor protecting the health of the county’s 3 million residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chau is overseeing the county’s billion-dollar Health Care Agency while also taking on the job duties of county health officer.

Chau has drawn attention for pulling back the local mask order that his predecessor Dr. Nichole Quick put in place. Chau, who says he co-owned two Rockin’ Crawfish restaurants until 2012 or 2013, also has taken a more relaxed approach to restaurant enforcement than Quick, relying on an attorney opinion that officials are declining to release.

All that attention on Chau recently drew Orange County residents to his resume, with many raising questions on Twitter about the Ph.D degree he lists from an online university that apparently shut down amid accusations of being a fraudulent degree mill.

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BOS Drama In The OC

OC Community Leaders Linked to Harassment of Workers Around the Country

We have continually reported that Orange County California is the epicenter of the bogus exemptions harming Americans. See below how those exemptions are also connected to local OC leaders. Regardless of what state you live, OC community leaders are linked to your harassment. Thanks, no thanks to Orange County California for enabling this behavior toward vulnerable workers. PLEASE SHARE around the US bring awareness.

Court Cases Drama In The OC

California Supreme Court Rejects OC Board of Education’s Petition to Open Schools -OCBE Squandering Taxpayer Dollars

As you might recall, Orange County Board of Education had previously voted to open schools with NO safety measures. The OCBE filed suit against California Governor Gavin Newsom to force reopening.

We’ve been following this case. Yesterday we received this email from the court indicating the court denied the petition. Many believe the case is purely political with no hope of succeeding. This type of shenanigans is clearly a waste of taxpayer dollars. The OCBE must be held accountable.

…the following transaction has occurred in:
Case: S264065, Supreme Court of California

Date (YYYY MM-DD):2020-09-09
Event Description:Petition for writ of mandate/prohibition & application for stay denied                                        
reflects email received from the court

For more information on this case, go to: Click here

For opinions, go to: Click here

Drama In The OC Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) followers to expose identities – some linked to harassment of essential workers

Very, Very good news about 👉Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American – who teaches people how to feign a disability). As a result of Peggy’s failed letter writing campaign, she is now teaching people how to file individual legal actions against stores like Sprouts. Sprouts, for example, has a strict “real policy” about masks.

😀But why is this good news – you ask? Well, we are going to tell you.

Many employees and customers of private businesses are confronted by maskless shoppers. Employees and shoppers are reporting intimidation techniques, threats, and unwanted or forced exposure to these individuals. These encounters can and have resulted in post-traumatic issues including anxiety. The list of the negative impacts is long. These encounters cause many persons harm even if the maskless shopper remains calm. After all, a virus doesn’t care how calm you are.

But now, thanks to Peggy, all of the employees and shoppers who are having these negative experiences have an opportunity to 👉identify the individuals responsible. They are going to expose their identities, the date, and the location of these harmful incidents in their public legal filings. Hooray. Now you have the information you need to file suit against them.

This page previously reported on initial steps to take when confronted by these maskless shoppers – and how to get free legal help. You can also monitor legal filings in your area so you can check and see if the person who caused you harm is identified. Check back for more posts on this.

Remember, (as we previously reported) document the incident with your employer. You can also make a police report at ANY time if your felt afraid of this person for ANY reason (retain the report number).

  • Fear of a virus is completely reasonable during a pandemic.
Drama In The OC Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) believes masks are a Luciferian Ritual

👇Here is Peggy Hall. Peggy teaches people how to feign a disability. Peggy believes masks are a Luciferian Ritual. Peggy believes the end justify the means. Don’t be like Peggy.

Drama In The OC Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

Fraudulent ADA Claims, Harassment Inspired By OC Residents Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

Fraudulent ADA claims inspired by Orange County California residents 👉Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and 👉Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) continue to create hostile work environments for front line essential workers.

Many want to know – When will government finally act to hold them accountable for inciting this violence towards workers?

This lady actually commits a federal crime by impersonating a DOJ officer. She is asked if she is with the DOJ, she says “yes”.

Click to watch

Drama In The OC FTBA Lenka Koloma

Drama In The OC Part Three – Investigating the Origins of the Facemask Exemption Alert From the DOJ.

Lenka Koloma, the reported founder of the FTBA (Freedom to Breath Agency – and origin of the fraudulent cards) has claimed through her social media posts that she is medically unable to breath with a facemask. Other claims by Lenka tell a different story.

Lenka Koloma says she was raised in the Czech Republic. When she was young, she regularly spent time with doctors and was prescribed medication. After reaching a breaking point, she was not able to function. Determined to take her health into her own hands, she says she designed a “protocol” that now has helped thousands to heal themselves of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, cancer and many other serious health conditions.

Lenka explained, that because of her research, she had dramatic changes in her brain and how she viewed the world. Through quantum physics and neuroscience, she realized the power of the mind. “…our brains are like a large super computer through which we can control”…… “the reality we experience”. After a near death experience, “she connected with the power of her higher intelligence and healed an incurable, life threatening condition, producing a healing miracle in just short seven days despite her doctors telling her she will die.”

It remains unclear what medical illness Koloma was not able to overcome, with the power of the mind, that prevents her from wearing a facemask.This page has learned that Lenka was not “the founder” of the FTBA. She appears to be “a co-founder” of the organization.

Drama In The OC Peggy Hall

Drama In The OC – Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

Maskless Orange County California community activist Peggy Hall’s Facebook page was marked private today following a controversial post.

Peggy’s activism and tagline “Standing for Truth and Freedom”, has drawn attention. Her Facebook page has more than fourteen thousand followers. Peggy says she enjoys get-togethers where she can “dive deeper to uncover what is really beneath the headlines.” In her You Tube Video “JUST “SING” ONTO THE SWAB – THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, PEGGY HALL”, she pounders why a swab must be inserted into a nasal passage. She asks, “Why not have a person open their mouth and sing?” She continues to pounder why droplets to test for the virus can’t be obtained holding a swab six feet away.

Today, Peggy Hall posted the following message to her public Facebook page:

“To ACTUAL Patriots: Some of you have sent me info on these evil-doers such as” [at this point she posts the names of private citizens and then continues] ‘These evil-doers have been reported to the FBI for threatening violence and harassment against me. Just thought you’d want to know in case you want to send them a message on FB or twitter. I normally don’t engage with the haters (why consort with evil) but since God directs us to “expose the evil doers” that is what I am doing on this very fine Sunday to honor God’s word. Here you go! Feel free to add others to the haters list in the comments so they can be informed that they have been reported to the FBI: ( also sending prayers since they are so willing to enslave themselves and serve Satan) This is GREAT news for my lawsuit against Southwest, thanks to them! God always uses intended evil for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.” In this post, she is clearly alleging improper and possibly illegal behavior. She provides no substantiation for this public accusation. She further encourages her followers to contact “these evil-doers”.

Peggy Hall Facebook post

And, it appears that she then personally reached out via private message to inform individuals they were reported to the FBI. It has been reported that the persons on her list are now receiving harassing and threatening messages.

She appears to have been pushed over the edge by Southwest Airlines when they refused her maskless attempt to board a Sacramento bound flight on Saturday. Ironically, she was on her way to speak at a rally against facemasks.

But why were these individuals targeted by Peggy Hall? Her post suggests a belief that they had some power over Southwest’s denial of her maskless flight attempt. At least one or more persons named vehemently deny making threats.

Regardless, this unsubstantiated posting by Ms. Hall is likely to result in more harm than good for her cause.

If you fear for your safety or that of your family because someone posts your name and encourages harassment on social media, please contact the proper authorities. Stay Safe.