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Lions and Tigers and Maskless, Oh My! – Ask Your Employer to File A Workplace Violence Restraining Order Against Peggy Hall and Her Co-Conspirators

PEGGY HALL (aka Healthy American)

Recently, it is reported that Orange County California resident Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) impersonated a Health Official to maskless shop.  Per her video confession posted on social media, she is flippant and shows no fear of possible consequences for this activity.   Peggy also sells fraudulent “religious” exemption cards and requests donations from “followers” to support her lifestyle and activities.  Hoag Hospital and Saddleback Community College have both taken steps to distance themselves from her beliefs and practices. 

Peggy, a yoga instructor and former teacher of ESL at Saddleback Community College, upset over mask mandates, allegedly decided to Google her way into a law practice.  She claims she did some research and ta-da, she’s a legal expert. No need for all those pesky years of law school or taking a silly Bar Exam….That’s right, she is not an attorney, nor are ANY of her supposed experts.  Yet, she is selling bogus legal advice for a donation at her website. 

At her site, she is encouraging the maskless to enter private businesses to serve them with FAKE legal documents.  All this to supposedly support discrimination claims and give the individuals “standing” to file their own lawsuits; or at least the impression of lawsuits to try and strong-arm businesses into catering to their whims. The entities and persons associated with these “fake” documents (posted at her website) are NOT ATTORNEYS.  Per our investigation, at least one person associated with one of these entities has an extensive criminal background.

The good news, to file these “lawsuits” those same persons who are encouraged to harass workers must disclose their identities, date and location of their Germ Assault as well as their violation of company policy.  Once disclosed, there are several things that businesses and workers can do to permanently bar these individuals from their stores.


Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) who has ties to Peggy Hall, went viral for her staring role in a video where she impersonates a government agency and harasses a worker from Mothers Market.   Lenka is also the co-conspirator in the fraudulent ADA cards that the DOJ warned the nation about.  Lenka was recently filmed harassing a worker at a coffee shop.


Crazy Tangled Web 👇👇👇👇👇

Connecting The Dots – Untangling The Web – Fake Exemptions – What We Know

We started out with a goal of understanding the following: Who was behind the fraudulent ADA exemption cards Why persons responsible are not yet prosecuted considering: The impersonation of a government office- namely the US Department of Justice, DOJ is led by the nations top law enforcement official, Perpetrators created and SOLD fraudulent exemptions using…


This page contains information concerning:

What is a Restraining Order to Stop Workplace Violence?

A Restraining Order to Stop Workplace Violence is a court order to protect an employee, or employees from suffering unlawful violence or credible threats of violence at the workplace.

The court can order a person not to:
  • Harass or threaten the employee(s)
  • Contact or go near the employee(s)
  • Have a gun

The order can last up to three years and can also protect certain family or household members of the employee or employees at the employee’s workplace or at other workplaces of the employer.

Who Can Apply For a Restraining Order?

Employers can obtain court orders prohibiting unlawful violence or credible threats of violence against their employees. The petitioner (filing party) must be an employer.

Employees CANNOT ask for workplace violence protective orders. If they want to protect themselves, they can ask for a different type of protective order on their own, such as:

If you are the employee and you are not sure what kind of protective order you should get, talk to a lawyer. Also, the court’s Self-Help Center may be able to help you.

How Does an Employer Apply For a Restraining Order?


The instructions How Do I Get an Order to Prohibit Workplace Violence (WV-100-INFO)  contain step-by-step procedures.


Complete the following forms:

IMPORTANT: If you are filing a Petition for more than one employee, you must complete a separate set of forms for each employee.

You must file your case at the Justice Center that has venue. Venue is determined by where the respondent (the person you are seeking an order against) resides or where the respondent caused physical or emotional injury to the petitioner’s employee(s). The General Information section of this website can provide you with the addresses of the court’s Justice Centers and the cities within their venue. For example if the employee suffered emotional injury in Anaheim, your case is filed at the North Justice Center in Fullerton. If the respondent resides in Huntington Beach, you could also file the case at the West Justice Center in Westminster.


Before filing the forms, you must give written or telephonic “notice” to the respondent of when and where you will be seeking a Temporary Restraining Order, or give the court a good reason why you could not give such notice. The form that you use for this is called “Declaration Re: Notice Temporary Restraining Order (L-0889)” and is included in the forms above.


If you are seeking orders based on information from your employee and others and not based on what you have personally observed, you must have each of those persons complete a declaration to attach to the Petition. You may use the form Attached Declaration (MC-031) .


If the judge determines that the restrained person has used or threatened to use violence against you or has stalked you, you may not have to pay a filing fee.

  • File the forms in the Civil Division Clerk’s Office.
  • If you are not a governmental agency, there is a filing fee.
  • Obtain conformed copies of the forms from the clerk.

Court hours are 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Final check-in at the Clerk’s Office is 4:00pm. All parties should appear in the Civil Division Clerk’s Office or Self-Help Center no later than 3:30pm to complete the paperwork. Note: the Self-Help Center closes at 3:00pm on Fridays. If the Self-Help Center is closed, the Clerk’s Office can assist you.

Steps to Take To Get a Restraining Order

The How Do I Get an Order to Prohibit Workplace Violence? (WV-100-INFO)  provide the steps to take next. This includes:

  • How to serve the respondent with the documents. For additional information, read What is “Proof of Personal Service”? (WV-200-INFO) .
  • Filing proof that the respondent has been served using the Proof of Personal Service (WV-200) .
    • You are entitled to free service by the Orange County Sheriff if the order is based on a credible threat of violence or stalking. Check to see if section 11 has been completed by the judge on the form “Temporary Restraining Order.”Complete the Sheriff Instruction form (OCSD1) . The clerk will forward the documents to the Sheriff upon request. If section 11 has not been checked, you may still request that the Sheriff service your documents for a fee. You may also have someone not involved in the case serve the documents. You can also use a licensed process server.
  • Giving a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order to police.
  • Information about the court hearing.
  • Information about the Permanent Restraining Order.

Responding To a Petition For Order to Stop Workplace Violence

If you are served with a “Petition for Workplace Violence Restraining Order (WV-100)”, “Notice of Court Hearing (WV-109)”, and “Temporary Restraining Order (WV-110)”, you should do the following:

Guns and Firearms

The judge may order that the restrained person not own, possess, buy or try to buy, receive or try to receive, or otherwise get a gun while a Restraining Order is in effect. If a restrained person violates this order, it can result in jail and/or $1,000.00 fine. The restrained person must sell to a licensed gun dealer or turn in to a law enforcement agency any guns or other firearms that he/she has or control in accordance with the order of the court. If the court makes this order, the restrained person must comply and then file Proof of Firearms Turned In or Sold (WV-800) . If the restrained person does not obey the court order, he or she can be charged with a crime.

For More Information

Free Legal FTBA Germ Assault Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

File A Civil Harassment Restraining Order Against Maskless Perpetrators of Germ Assault – Peggy Hall (aka Followers of Healthy American) – Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA)

Germ Assault causing PTS and other emotional issues

Maskless perpetrators Peggy Hall and Lenka Koloma, both from Orange County California actively engage in and promote maskless shopping. Lenka is filmed committing multiple GERM ASSAULTS on vulnerable essential workers.

Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall makes videos teaching persons how to feign a disability. She is currently encouraging her followers to force their way into private businesses (specifically Sprouts Farmers Markets) against mask policy to “serve” workers with bogus “legal” documents. 🙄Peggy is NOT AN ATTORNEY – nor are any of the supposed “experts” in which she has consulted – at least one person associated with the “legal” documents – posted on her website – per our investigation – has an interesting criminal background.

Find Free Legal Assistance

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

The civil harassment laws say “harassment” is:
  • Unlawful violence, like assault or battery or stalking, or
  • A credible (real) threat of violence, and
  • The violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.

“Credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family. A “credible threat of violence” includes following or stalking someone, making harassing calls, or sending harassing messages, by phone, mail, or e-mail, over a period of time (even if it is a short time).

California Courts

Free Legal Germ Assault

Another Perpetrator of Germ Assault By Maskless Shopper – Watch How She Invades The Personal Space Of Workers And Customers

Maskless shopper creates more victims of 👉Germ Assault. This perpetrator forces herself upon other shoppers while claiming – there is no virus. This behavior is likened to forcing unwilling participants into a game of Russian Roulette – not knowing if her germ gun is loaded. This dangerous game has been linked to Post Traumatic Stress.

If you are a victim of this kind of assault, immediately inform your employer and document the incident. If a maskless person invades your personal space by violating recommended distancing or enters a private business in violation of policy, remember you have rights. If you experience a long lasting emotional consequence, you deserve justice.

If you need legal assistance, contact a qualified attorney. You can read about free legal services here.

Court Cases Free Legal Germ Assault Peggy Hall

Essential Workers – Finding A Voice Against Unwanted Germ Assaults – Perpetrated By Maskless Shoppers

Front line essential workers are realizing they have rights to protect themselves against 👉 bogus exemptions. They are now considering their legal options to sue the perpetrators – known as maskless shoppers – who 👉force themselves (sometimes violently) on vulnerable workers. These unwanted germ 👉assaults are causing post traumatic stress and affecting everyday lives of American patriots. Below a Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) inspired assault. She threatens to sue vulnerable workers. Staff must demand that she steps away from employees as she forces herself into their personal space.

Please help by signing the petitions at this site.

Court Cases Free Legal FTBA Germ Assault Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

Front Line Essential Workers – Harassed By Followers Of Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) – Free Legal Aid

If you are an essential worker and maskless Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American), or Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) have inspired someone to harass or intimidate you, read on.

Peggy Hall has recommended in various public posts that individuals give essential workers documents to read. Some documents are believed to contain threats of lawsuits against vulnerable essential workers.

Many patriotic Americans who risk their lives to serve the public, report forced and unwanted encounters with maskless shoppers. As a result of this potential virus exposure perpetrated by maskless individuals, workers can experience long term emotional trauma including Post Traumatic Stress.

If this happens to you and you feel harassed, intimidated, confused, upset, emotional, scared or have a negative experience in anyway, report this behavior to your employer. If a perpetrator will not leave, call the police. If you are fearful of virus exposure – regardless of company policy, you have a right to refuse to serve that person.

You can make a police report at ANY time following the event. Retain the report number. Be sure to note the date and time of the incident so surveillance video can be retained. Consult with an attorney to find out what else you should do. Don’t rely on social media to provide you with your legal advice.

Can’t afford an attorney? Know that you have options.

You can contact the American Bar Association and find out the details about free legal services.

Remember, intimidation is how organized crime works. This page supports all front-line workers. You are heroes.

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