Peggy Hall – aka Healthy American

Recently, it is reported that Orange County California resident Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)  impersonated a Health Official to maskless shop.  Per her video confession posted on social media, she is flippant and shows no fear of possible consequences for this activity.   Peggy also sells fraudulent “religious” exemption cards and requests donations from “followers” to support her lifestyle and activities.  Hoag Hospital and Saddleback Community College have both taken steps to distance themselves from her beliefs and practices.  Our research shows that although Peggy claims she is still employed by the community college, all information regarding a relationship has been scrubbed from the website.

Peggy, a yoga instructor and former teacher of ESL at Saddleback Community College, upset over mask mandates, allegedly decided to Google her way into a law practice.  She claims she did some research and ta-da, she’s a legal expert. No need for all those pesky years of law school or taking a silly Bar Exam….That’s right, she is not an attorney, nor are ANY of her supposed experts.  Yet, she is selling bogus legal advice for a donation at her website. 

At her site, she is encouraging the maskless to enter private businesses to serve them with FAKE legal documents.  All this to supposedly support discrimination claims and give the individuals “standing” to file their own lawsuits; or at least the impression of lawsuits to try and strong-arm businesses into catering to their whims. The entities and persons associated with these “fake” documents (posted at her website) are NOT ATTORNEYS.  Per our investigation, at least one person associated with one of these entities has an extensive criminal background.

The good news, to file these “lawsuits” those same persons who are encouraged to harass workers must disclose their identities, date and location of their Germ Assault as well as their violation of company policy.  Once disclosed, there are several things that businesses and workers can do to permanently bar these individuals from their stores.

Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) who has ties to Peggy Hall, went viral for her staring role in a video where she impersonates a government agency and harasses a worker from Mothers Market.   Lenka is also the co-conspirator in the fraudulent ADA cards that the DOJ warned the nation about.  Lenka was recently filmed harassing a worker at a coffee shop. She claimed a medical and religious exemption.

Be sure to review the entire thread. It is quite informative and from the horses mouth.

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