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Maskless Amber Lynn Gilles A Reported Queen of Karens Along with Her Attorney Michael Harrington Law PC File Humorous Lawsuit

Amber Lynn Gilles, a notorious San Diego anti-masker who appears to enjoy harassing businesses about masks and posting it on her PUBLIC Facebook Page (I know because I saw more than one there) is angry about a GoFundMe that netted one of her victims over $100,000.

According to Amber’s lawsuit,

On June 22, 2020, a stranger named Matthew Cowan copied and pasted Plaintiff’s post for her personal Facebook page and created a GoFundMe post to raise money for the barista in question.”  

Amber’s lawsuit suggests that Mr. Cowan, who also owns a media firm, profited off of her likeness because he copied a post from her Facebook page to use in the GoFundMe.  The “theory” alleged by the plaintiff (Amber) is Mr. Cowan’s media firm benefited when he received national media attention through various outlets.

By June 2020, Corona virus and the harassment of essential workers by maskless shoppers was of national concern.  Hundreds if not thousands of videos and other reporting of the maskless attempting to harm workers were broadcast across all media platforms – Including Amber Lynn Gilles Public Facebook page.  People were outraged.

In Southern California, there was a rash of anti-government maskless groups banning together harassing people.  This included Amber Lynn Gilles,  Peggy Hall (the Healthy American fake religious exemption cards), Lenka Koloma (FBTA fake exemption cards), Jeffrey Barke (gun toting doctor), Russ Taylor (Oath Keepers), Alan Hostetter (American Phoenix Project) and many others.    The behavior of these people is well known public information and continues to be of national concern.  Many of these same people have been targeted by the FBI for the January 6, terrorist attack at the capital.

In relation to Amber and the harassment of workers, she continues to brag about her behavior to this day.  She has not been harmed.

With respect to the humorous contentions in the lawsuit:

  • It was clearly Amber’s own behavior that drew national attention  
  • Arguably, her likeness is of no value – it was her behavior that inspired outrage
  • The behavior in which Amber indulged, was of national concern
  • Reporting on information/news of national concern including the use of a public Facebook post is not actionable

 She deserves nothing!  The lawsuit is frivolous AND as to the law firm…..really?

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Connecting The Dots – Untangling The Web – Fake Exemptions – What We Know

We started out with a goal of understanding the following:
  • Who was behind the fraudulent ADA exemption cards
  • Why persons responsible are not yet prosecuted considering:
    • The impersonation of a government office- namely the US Department of Justice,
      • DOJ is led by the nations top law enforcement official,
      • Perpetrators created and SOLD fraudulent exemptions using the DOJ symbol
    • Perpetrators exploited the disabled and abused the ADA
    • Perpetrators inspired and encouraged nationwide harassment of essential workers and private business

This chart is BUT A TASTE of what we discovered so far.

Note: This is subject to change should additional information become available. Check back for the latest. Use at your own discretion. Always verify original sources of authority. Never blindly believe what your read on the internet.

Shawn Steel

Use of Fake FTBA Exemption Card

Shawn Steel on Steve Bannon: “I have known Steve Bannon for nearly two decades. During that time, we have enjoyed frank dinnertime conversations about public policy and political philosophy. He’s never uttered a single word that would suggest any racist or anti-Semitic views,” Steel wrote.

National Republican Committee

Steel and link to Chinese Nationals

Besides Breitbart, ( live streamed news conference- America’s Front Line Doctors – now debunked message) what other news outlet was invited?

On Chiropractic Connection – we present the following from a June 23, 2020 article

….. Southern California-based attorney Shawn Steel told me…..and he knows, for in addition to practicing law, he has developed a niche specialty, educating chiropractors in laws which apply to them.(emphasis added)

Circumstantial as this Fred Didomenico FTBA connection might be, taken in totality, it deserves some more exploration.


Despite that the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its position – the OCBE maintains its position of opening schools with no social distancing and no masks.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the United States, there is currently uncontrolled spread of SARS-CoV-2. Although the AAP strongly advocates for in-person learning for the coming school year, the current widespread circulation of the virus will not permit in-person learning to be safely accomplished in many jurisdictions.

America Academy of Pediatrics

Charter School Oversight

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Giant Eagle’s Attorney – Clapback at Peggy Hall and Lenka Koloma in Their Motion to Dismiss ADA Claims

As expected, Giant Eagle filed a motion to dismiss ADA claims made by several individuals that attempted to maskless shop at their stores. It is an interesting if not entertaining read.

In the motion brief, attorneys for Giant Eagle state:

Download motion here

Despite these defects on the face of their Second Amended Complaint, Plaintiffs contend that the ADA gives anyone claiming a disability a pass to ignore Giant Eagle’s Policy. Their theory echoes a debunked Internet scheme, which claims that individuals who are ideologically opposed to wearing masks can misuse the ADA to further their agenda. The United States Department of Justice, responsible for enforcing portions of the ADA, denounced the scheme as fraudulent. 1 But whether they have an ideological agenda, a legitimate disability or both, Plaintiffs’ lawsuit against Giant Eagle has no merit. It should be dismissed.

Case 2:20-cv-00754-NBF Document 34 Filed 09/02/20

In Their reply brief they break it down:

Third, the issue is not, as Plaintiffs contend, whether Giant Eagle can require individuals with a disability to wear a face covering. Opp. at 8. Giant Eagle does not seek to do that. The issue is whether Giant Eagle can require anyone entering its stores to wear a face covering. It can. Contrary to Plaintiffs’ assertions, no government entity currently mandates, or even recommends, that businesses allow customers to enter their stores without wearing a face covering. The CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health merely advise that anyone who cannot wear a face mask because of a medical condition should not wear one. That is far from a recommendation that people should circulate in public places without a face covering. See, e.g., Pa. Dept. of Health Universal Face Coverings Order FAQ, 7/3/2020 (ECF 34-2), pg. 7 (“The wearing of face coverings, such as a mask, ensures that we as a society can limit the spread of COVID-19 and successfully combat this pandemic; therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest that all Pennsylvanians comply with this order.” (emphasis in original)).

Case 2:20-cv-00754-NBF Document 39 Filed 09/16/20

Free Legal FTBA Germ Assault Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

File A Civil Harassment Restraining Order Against Maskless Perpetrators of Germ Assault – Peggy Hall (aka Followers of Healthy American) – Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA)

Germ Assault causing PTS and other emotional issues

Maskless perpetrators Peggy Hall and Lenka Koloma, both from Orange County California actively engage in and promote maskless shopping. Lenka is filmed committing multiple GERM ASSAULTS on vulnerable essential workers.

Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall makes videos teaching persons how to feign a disability. She is currently encouraging her followers to force their way into private businesses (specifically Sprouts Farmers Markets) against mask policy to “serve” workers with bogus “legal” documents. 🙄Peggy is NOT AN ATTORNEY – nor are any of the supposed “experts” in which she has consulted – at least one person associated with the “legal” documents – posted on her website – per our investigation – has an interesting criminal background.

Find Free Legal Assistance

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

The civil harassment laws say “harassment” is:
  • Unlawful violence, like assault or battery or stalking, or
  • A credible (real) threat of violence, and
  • The violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.

“Credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family. A “credible threat of violence” includes following or stalking someone, making harassing calls, or sending harassing messages, by phone, mail, or e-mail, over a period of time (even if it is a short time).

California Courts

FTBA Germ Assault Lenka Koloma

Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA fake exemption cards) Perpetrates Another Germ Assault Causing Clear Anxiety for Worker

Watch as Lenka Koloma and her posse perpetrate a clear Germ Assault. The victim is visibly distressed and is forced to call the police. Unfazed by her victims distress, she reads off debunked information from a flyer while she claims a 👉medical and 👉religious exemption. This behavior has been linked to Post Traumatic Stress and other long term psychological issues for victimized workers. These workers deserve justice. Sign the petition to hold Lenka Koloma responsible.

Court Cases Free Legal FTBA Germ Assault Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

Front Line Essential Workers – Harassed By Followers Of Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) – Free Legal Aid

If you are an essential worker and maskless Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American), or Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) have inspired someone to harass or intimidate you, read on.

Peggy Hall has recommended in various public posts that individuals give essential workers documents to read. Some documents are believed to contain threats of lawsuits against vulnerable essential workers.

Many patriotic Americans who risk their lives to serve the public, report forced and unwanted encounters with maskless shoppers. As a result of this potential virus exposure perpetrated by maskless individuals, workers can experience long term emotional trauma including Post Traumatic Stress.

If this happens to you and you feel harassed, intimidated, confused, upset, emotional, scared or have a negative experience in anyway, report this behavior to your employer. If a perpetrator will not leave, call the police. If you are fearful of virus exposure – regardless of company policy, you have a right to refuse to serve that person.

You can make a police report at ANY time following the event. Retain the report number. Be sure to note the date and time of the incident so surveillance video can be retained. Consult with an attorney to find out what else you should do. Don’t rely on social media to provide you with your legal advice.

Can’t afford an attorney? Know that you have options.

You can contact the American Bar Association and find out the details about free legal services.

Remember, intimidation is how organized crime works. This page supports all front-line workers. You are heroes.

Legal Aid

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Pro Bono

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FTBA Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

Informative and Crazy Video About Harassment of Workers Inspired by Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) and Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA)

Thanks to the Young Turks for putting this video montage together.

FTBA Lenka Koloma

Someone Created A Spoof Website Mocking The Fraudulent ADA Cards That The DOJ Warned About – And It’s Genius!

Someone created a spoof site of the FTBA website (aka Freedom to Breath). And it’s genius! You can read more about Lenka Koloma, one of the founders of the FTBA at this site.

The FTBAA (Freedom To Be An Asshole Agency) is complete with:

  • Resources;
  • Your Tools;
  • Get Involved;
  • Science;
  • Products;
  • Investor relations;
  • Guest Book;
  • Press

The site features articles by “Og Chazzington, Science Colonel”

You can Purchase A-hole Gear

You can print a card telling people you are an A-hole

And get Resources like this.

Drama In The OC Lenka Koloma Peggy Hall

Fraudulent ADA Claims, Harassment Inspired By OC Residents Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American)

Fraudulent ADA claims inspired by Orange County California residents 👉Lenka Koloma (aka FTBA) and 👉Peggy Hall (aka Healthy American) continue to create hostile work environments for front line essential workers.

Many want to know – When will government finally act to hold them accountable for inciting this violence towards workers?

This lady actually commits a federal crime by impersonating a DOJ officer. She is asked if she is with the DOJ, she says “yes”.

Click to watch

Drama In The OC FTBA Lenka Koloma

Drama In The OC Part Three – Investigating the Origins of the Facemask Exemption Alert From the DOJ.

Lenka Koloma, the reported founder of the FTBA (Freedom to Breath Agency – and origin of the fraudulent cards) has claimed through her social media posts that she is medically unable to breath with a facemask. Other claims by Lenka tell a different story.

Lenka Koloma says she was raised in the Czech Republic. When she was young, she regularly spent time with doctors and was prescribed medication. After reaching a breaking point, she was not able to function. Determined to take her health into her own hands, she says she designed a “protocol” that now has helped thousands to heal themselves of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, cancer and many other serious health conditions.

Lenka explained, that because of her research, she had dramatic changes in her brain and how she viewed the world. Through quantum physics and neuroscience, she realized the power of the mind. “…our brains are like a large super computer through which we can control”…… “the reality we experience”. After a near death experience, “she connected with the power of her higher intelligence and healed an incurable, life threatening condition, producing a healing miracle in just short seven days despite her doctors telling her she will die.”

It remains unclear what medical illness Koloma was not able to overcome, with the power of the mind, that prevents her from wearing a facemask.This page has learned that Lenka was not “the founder” of the FTBA. She appears to be “a co-founder” of the organization.